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“The ONE Cybersecurity Strategy You Need to Implement NOW To Secure Your Business And Avoid Cyber-Attacks, and Data Breaches”

Webcast Session Details:

LIVE: 26 April. 2018
Start Time: 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

During This Must-Attend Seminar You’ll Discover:

  • 2018 Threat Landscape and Cybersecurity Trends.
  • Why Traditional Solutions Won’t Work Anymore And What You Can Do About It.
  • Workshop Time: How Security Really Works!

Who Should Attend?

C-Level executives and managers who are concerned about: sensitive data such as credit card, designs, trade secrets, and financial information being exposed.

Brian McGinley

Hands-on, creative solutions & peace of mind

Yigal Behar and 2Secure have been exceptional business partners in providing hands-on technical information security expertise to complement our internal capabilities, and assist in solving tough security problems demanding creative solutions providing peace of mind to our clients.

Iris Hami

Improve efficiency while keeping information integrity and safety

The efficiency of our business is run almost solely on computers. Our travel consultants use it most of the day and are totally dependent on its efficiency. We always say, we are here to sell travel not computer know how.

So what do you do when something is not working? We call 2Secure Corp our computer Consultants.

They are vast know how, calm with sense of humor always calms us down. Our computer consultants never compromise our security and the integrity of our information. They are always there to improve our efficiency and service. Thanks !!!

Executive Vice President
Gil Travel

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"Yigal Behar has experience working as a cybersecurity consultant for Avnet Deloitte & Touche LTD. He’s worked in Israel for various governmental agencies, such as the Prime Minster Office, Social Security Administration, banks, and other private companies....more"