Is Someone Exploiting Your Network

Don’t think you’re not in danger because you’re “small” and not a big target like a J.P. Morgan or Home Depot

Did you know that out of 855 reported breaches – 612, or just over 71%, occurred to companies that had between 1 and 100 employees. – according to Verizon BDIR

Think again. 82,000 NEW malware threats are being released every single day and 67% of the cyber-attacks occurring are aimed at small businesses; you just don’t hear about it because it’s kept quiet for fear of attracting bad PR, lawsuits, data-breach fines and out of sheer embarrassment.

“But I Have an IT Guy,” You Say

When it comes to protecting your company, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you are doing everything you can to avoid being an easy target for cybercriminals. In our admittedly informal survey, talking to over 15 business owners who have been hacked or compromised, almost all of them told me they thought their IT guy “had things covered.”

Now for a limited time we are offering FREE Cybersecurity assessment focusing on the following:

  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Is your network really and truly secured against the most devious cybercriminals? And if not, what do you need to do (at a minimum) to protect yourself now?
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Is your data backup TRULY backing up ALL the important files and data you would never want to lose? We’ll also reveal exactly how long it would take to restore your files (most people are shocked to learn it will take much longer than they anticipated).
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Are your employees freely using the Internet to access gambling sites and porn, to look for other jobs and waste time shopping, or to check personal e-mail and social media sites? You know some of this is going on right now, but do you know to what extent?
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Are you accidentally violating any PCI, HIPAA or other data-privacy laws? New laws are being put in place frequently and it’s easy to violate one without even being aware; however, you’d still have to suffer the bad PR and fines.
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Is your firewall and antivirus configured properly and up-to-date?
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Are your employees storing confidential and important information on unprotected cloud apps like Dropbox that are OUTSIDE of your backup?

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Not Ready Just Yet, At least let me give you a copy of our special report, “Top 10 Attacks That Every Business Should Be Aware.” Even if you aren’t ready to make a change right now, this report will give you an important knowledge of what to ask your current IT provider about. This will equip you with the right tools lowering your risks, expensive problems, lost data, malicious software and other hacker attacks.