Managed Defense, Discover And Remediate – MDDR

2Secure has set to achieve one big goal – counter advanced sophisticated cyber threats. This may include Ransomware, data theft and social engineering attacks.

The introduction of new technologies such as IoT will likely to increase threat actors in the upcoming years.

In order to meet this goal we have integrated basic and advanced Cybersecurity solutions based on knowledge and experience gained in combat zones like the Middle-East and was proved to be effective.

This new brand offering is standing on three security pillars:


Place security controls around data assets to deter attackers.

Looking at you home you may think of:


  • Fence
  • Locks
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Be aware of a dog sign


This pillar brings the ability to look for signs of a possible intrusion. It takes on average 200 days to discover a network breach!


Now, look at your home, what are you using?


  • Alarm System
  • Motion Detection
  • Cameras
  • Crime watch


This pillar is depended on our ability to discover a breach. It takes on average 50 days to fix a network breach!

We need quickly to fix this mass reducing damages such as: loss of revenue and bad reputation.

At your home?


  • Police
  • Dogs
  • Guns
  • Insurance
  • Guard
SoC – Security Operation Center


  • Review Events
  • Alerts Generation
  • Response and Remedation
SIEM – Security Information And Event Management


  • Events Corralation
  • Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection

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