Do you know WHERE your network is most vulnerable?

Do you know where your network is most Vulnerable?

It is important to know where your weakest areas are and reinforce them. Leakages of confidential information like business plans and customer lists can be useful to hackers and extremely detrimental to your company. 2Secure makes sure your network is safe and secure, and give you the peace of mind that your data is protected.

What is a DOS

A Denial of Service (DoS) is a hacker’s attempt at making your computer/network assets inaccessible to intended users. These attacks may cripple your systems, causing financial and reputation losses.

Let us at 2Secure prevent this from happening to your company!

Adaptive Defenses

Your company must adapt to threats as they are changing frequently. Hacker’s techniques, technology developments and new methods of infiltrating will eventually expose your company to new threat points. At 2Secure we will make sure to keep your networks and systems secure so your company wont have to deal with these constant threats!

Potential Risks

If your systems were to be taken over by hackers you and your company’s future would be at risk! You don’t want your clients to go to your competitors! At 2Secure we guarantee the protection of you and your clients and will make sure all potential risks are terminated!

Vulnerabilities in your network

Vulnerabilities are most commonly found in firewalls, remote desktop connections, web applications, and internal servers. These components may be misconfigured, missing patches or managed improperly.


Employees have easy access to your company’s resources, and confidential information. It is extremely important that you train your employees about emails, surfing the web and other possible risks of using the internet at work. With these rules and procedures in place, your company will be safer and harder to infiltrate.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the new thing, and everyone has one. There is one huge problem: smartphones contain important information about your company that, if exposed, can threaten the future of your company. It is important to continually search for new entry threat points by using various hacking technics to capture, control, and prevent any intrusions.

What can 2Secure do for YOU

  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Adapt to the threats as they change and prevent any data leakages
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Frequently test your networks for new threats and terminate them before any access is available to the outside
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Detect potential DoS on your systems and destroy any threats before exposure

Our Tools

  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]IDS/IPS Capabilities
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Firewall Rules Verifier
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Network Packet Capturing Capabilities
  • [icon type=”chevron-circle-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Network Traffic Archive