Denial of Service (DoS) Assessment


Denial of Service Attack is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to intended users. This kind of attack is designed against website services or any service that is available to the public or internally.


Each service represents a program that runs on a computer system. The Operation System allocates system resources for this service or services and maintains different aspects of such service. Each service is “listening” for incoming requests from any system. Each request should be “served” by the system therefore DoS attack will consume system resources or will cause the system to work slower due to many requests that are coming from different locations.

Real Life

In our attack we used available tools on the Internet from Microsoft and from the underground and are used for debugging, testing and monitoring purposes.


PING: Is one of the most used debugging tools: Ping program is available on every computer system regardless of the Operation System in use. Ping has some options that normally we don’t use, but in our case will be used.

TinyGet: Is a program that is a part from IIS 6.0 resource kit. It is used to create connection to a service and download files and information from the remote server by using a specific port.

Wget: Is a program that is similar to TinyGet but this program comes from the Unix/Linux world and was imported to Microsoft’s Operation System.

HTTP DoS flood underground testing tool: This program will be used to create a large HTTP requests that will flood the server.