How Safe is Your Data? Find out with a Malware Attack Simulation

Ransomware is an especially malicious form of cyber-attack which seeks to breach the security of a computer system and encrypt its data, then locks that data with a virtual key that will only be supplied to the owner after payment of a ransom amount to the cyber attacker.

Obviously this can be a very costly problem, and any means necessary should be employed to prevent it. One of the best methods for prevention is a Malware Attack Simulation (MAS), which can determine the vulnerability of any system to attack, so that appropriate measures can be taken to plug security gaps. An MAS is actually a benign form of cyber-attack which also breaches existing security measures and encrypts data, in a Proof of Concept model that points up security weaknesses.

How It Works

In a typical MAS execution, company employees would be sent emails containing attachments that will encrypt company data harmlessly.

This test out the whole hierarchy of company cyber security: file permissions, anti-virus software, filtering agents, and even the effectiveness of an IT response team.


What you get:

  • An evaluation of your organization’s vulnerability to Ransomware attacks
  • A detailed report describing all findings and recommendations

What’s Next?

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