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We protect your information from being exposed by identifying the potential breaches before hackers can exploit them and gain access. YourConsulting Services assets are your employees, information stored across systems, and business infrastructure. These assets are vulnerable to threats such as social engineering, viruses, warms, human errors, back doors, software bugs, and unauthorized access.

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Our consultants will show you which system has the highest risk, and what controls should be implemented.

Our security experts check and analyze the following:

Access controls
Audit and monitoring
Enforce security policies
Vulnerability assessments

After our initial analysis, our experts will answer the following questions:

What are the inherent risks of every system?
For example: If a specific system is not crucial to the continual operation of the organization – however, it still may present a potential risk. Other inherent risks include sensitive data, the level of control exercised by the organization over the technological components and system users.

What levels of control are implemented throughout the organization?
For example: What type of access controls were implemented that is protecting the main device?

What levels of controls are implemented throughout each system in the organization?
For example: if a system is crucial to the organization’s operation, then a recovery policy should be implemented that will allow operation in the event of a fatal crash.

Let us analyze and assess your systems any potential breaches before someone else does!

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