Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks

People have a natural inclination to open and respond to emails, and therein lies the reason for the tremendous success of social engineering attacks. Virtually all criminal-minded individuals using email as their primary entry point to a computer network, include...
See It In The Eyes – Ransomware Attack Case Study

See It In The Eyes – Ransomware Attack Case Study

For anyone who thinks that cyber protection is being overblown by security firms who have a vested interest in offering their services and products, it might be instructive to take a close look at what happened in the recent ‘See it in the Eyes’ Ransomware...
Cybersecurity Trends 2021/2022

Cybersecurity Trends 2021/2022

Statistics gathered from 2021 indicate that the pace of cyberattacks increased dramatically, with organizations experiencing 50% more attacks than the previous year. The hardest hit was the Education and Research sector, which was targeted a whopping 75% more than in...

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