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Cybersecurity Expertise

Our comprehensive computer network defense program keeps small- and mid-sized businesses’ data and systems fully protected.


Malware Attack Simulation

Executing an MAS is critical to determining how vulnerable your network is to intrusion by hackers and how effective your recovery plan is.


Web Application Security

2Secure employs a 3-stage process that ensures the web-based applications your internal and external clients use are risk free. 

External Vulnerability Assessments

External audits of your network’s security simulate Internet attacks & include deep penetration testing to uncover weaknesses.


23 NYCRR 500 NYS DFS Cybersecurity Compliance

Meet the minimum security regulatory standards according to the NY Department of Financial Services.

Penetration Testing NYC

Also known as “pen testing” or “a pen test,” this is the process by which 2Secure searches for holes in every area of your defense perimeter.


Web Application Assessment

Manual and automated scans of your web apps are performed in order to map entry points and determine where hackers would be able to exploit them.

Internal Vulnerability Assessments

Internal audits of your network’s security test responsiveness to attacks that break into your firewall or have been generated from within.