Are You Using Logitech Keyboard?

LogitechSome Logitech keyboards, mice and wireless presenters have security vulnerabilities. These weakness will allow an attacker to eavesdrop keystrokes and even infect the host system.

These are bad news!

This means that sites you visit and passwords that you type will be captured by an attacker without your knowledge as this data is traversed in the does not stop there...

Attackers can run commands and remotely initiate programs. So even if you are not online, you are exposed to such an attack.

Who Is Vulnerable?


Any Logitech device that uses the so-called Unifying radio technology is affected. If you bought this after 2009 then you are vulnerable!

What Can I Do?

Currently not all vulnerabilities can be fixed but some can, here is what you can do.

Install the latest Firmware available from the Logitech website. You will need to use the Logitech Firmware Update Tool SecureDFU (available for Windows 7, 8, and 10). The current firmware versions are:





Download Logitech Firmware Updating Tools SecureDFU

Download Unifying software to view Firmware version

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