A Story About A Social Engineering Attack Targeting Verizon-FiOS Users

I am an experienced computer user, very familiar with the Windows operating system and browsing the Internet ever since 1999, and I thought that I would never fall prey to any kind of security breach from malware or other Internet intrusions. However, last week when I was reading an article on NYTimes.com, a pop-up message informed me that my computer was infected, and the Windows operating system had been compromised.

I was advised to call a number, which I did, and the official-sounding representative who answered, told me that the problem could be resolved by allowing him to connect to my machine via joinme.com a web remote control Software. After checking a few things, he informed me that my anti-virus software was disabled, and had been corrupted. I could have everything fixed by purchasing his comprehensive security package, and having him work directly on my machine.

That's when I began to be very suspicious, and I immediately called 2Secure Cybersecurity Coaching & Managed Services. After a quick preliminary examination, the engineer was able to confirm my suspicions, and tell me that whoever I had been talking to had nothing to do with Microsoft Windows, and was undoubtedly simply trying to extract money from me.

Within a short time, the engineer had my computer completely restored, as well as my total confidence in 2Secure.biz. I learned a great lesson from all this and I'm very thankful that I have an honest and reliable resource to turn to whenever any computer problems turn up!

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