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Tax Time Guide Protect Personal, Financial, Tax Information and Computers

Are you getting ready to file your business tax by the IRS? It's time to think about safety and data ...
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ALERT: New Massive Wave of CryptoLocker Ransomware Infections

Those people who have been thinking there's too much talk about ransomware, and that the actual threat is overblown in ...
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Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

The Precarious Balance Between Digital Transformation and Cyber Security in 2017 The challenges that CEO's in North America and Europe ...
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WordPress: Content Injection Vulnerability

Recently a Sucuri Firewall Security Team uncovered a vulnerability in WordPress which allows unauthenticated users ...
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There's a whole new wave of ransomware being unleashed on the Internet, and this new ...
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Samas A Hybrid Malware

Vulnerabilities Scanning A new approach for Malware to get in by first scanning networks for ...
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Douglas Haddad AFN

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It is the smallest things that can do the most damage. In the realm of security there is no greater asset than someone who can protect you from the things you didn’t even know existed. 2Secure Corp does an amazing job at keeping our operations safe and secure, at a price that works for us. Whenever we had any emergency it was dealt with the immediacy we have grown to expect and the solutions provided were both accurate and cost effective for our organization.

Advanced Funds Network LLC
Douglas A. Haddad
Managing Partner