Are you searching online for a CyberSecurity firm because your company network was breached? Or, do you want to prevent future breaches? We can help you.

If you are a hedge fund or an investment firm's CTO/CISO/ISO or an IT manager with 100 or more computer users, who are frustrated with the level of service, responsiveness and competence of your current security consulting provider, and if you're TIRED of dealing with ongoing security incidents, then we can help your organization by:
• Hacking your network & systems, in order to identify potential breaches BEFORE they accrue
• Sweeping your network devices for an existing weakness
• Providing you with a comprehensive CyberSecurity Risk Analysis
• Being proactive by taking ownership of the process

Achieve peace of mind by following 3 simple steps:

Step 1: CyberSecurity Risk Assessments


2Secure Corp experts perform a comprehensive CyberSecurity risk assessment, assessing your systems for weakness that could be exploited compromising your data assets.

Malicious visitors might penetrate and steal that data, take control of your website, or interrupt your entire business.

Step 2: CyberSecurity Risk Analysis


Customized, comprehensive report on the status of your company's risk posture.

An in-depth consultation with specific recommendations for addressing any vulnerabilities discovered.

A detailed plan for how to mitigate and what to do first.

Step 3:
CyberSecurity Audit


• This step is necessary to verify that corrections made in Step 2 are truly effective, and can mitigate vulnerabilities identified in Step 1.

• Discover new changes to network topologies and applications that may have accrued after security risk assessments.

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FinOps Report
Cybersecurity in the C-Suite: A Matter of “Need to Know”


Cybersecurity has been described as everything from a
top-down corporate mission to a shopping list for
software packages that monitor networks and systems
for suspicious activity. Given the breadth and complexity
of even identifying the risks, it’s no wonder that all sorts of
management are discovering they’re now riding the
cybersecurity bus.

Cybersecurity in the C-Suite: A Matter of “Need to Know

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FinOps Report

Fund Managers: On the Hunt for New CyberSecurity Officer


With the Securities and Exchange Commission now requiring registered investment advisers to prove they are doing their best to reduce the risk of data and other security breaches, hedge fund managers are quickly waking up to the need to assign a dedicated chief security information officer (CISO) to the task. Although the SEC’ s guidelines...

Bottom line: the CTO will likely need help, and the assistance could come from CyberSecurity specialists for hire. “There are multiple options depending on the internal capabilities of the hedge fund management firm and how much work it wishes to outsource,” explains Yigal Behar, chief executive officer of 2Secure, a New York based technology firm specializing in cyberSecurity risk. “In some cases, a hedge fund manager will only want an assessment and testing to be completed by a third-party provider, while in other cases it might ask for the provider to also craft the documentation on rules and procedures.”

Fund Managers: On the Hunt for New CyberSecurity Officer

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Hedge Funds Raise the Urgency Level on Cyber Security - Wall Street & Technology

August 28, 2014, By Ivy Schmerken

Hedge funds are bracing for SEC exams on cyber security preparedness in 2014, but do they
need a chief information security officer?

Hedge funds are paying more attention to cyber security as a result of recent guidance from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

An April risk alert has raised the urgency level for alternative funds registered with the US regulatory body to assess information security and test for any vulnerabilities. The SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) notified hedge funds and more than 50 registered broker dealers and investment advisers that the agency's 2014 examinations would focus on cyber security preparedness. The OCIE has given the funds a questionnaire to fill out.

Yigal Behar, head of business development at 2Secure, which provides computer network and Internet vulnerability assessments from its offices in the Wall Street area, said it is seeing growing demand among small and midsized hedge funds to meet their information security needs.

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Wall Street & Technology



Hedge Fund Alert



OCTOBER 30, 2013: Announcement Of Our New Data Leak Assessment

Tech Shop Touts Hacking Safeguard
CyberSecurity consultant 2Secure has developed a product tailored to the needs of hedge fund managers. The New York operation, led by Yigal Behar, is promoting its Data Leak Assessment tool through partnerships with other vendors and appearances at trade shows hosted by SIFMA and other groups.

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